In the end it'll all be fine...

...and if its not, its not the end

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~*I'm completely random and goofy at times*~

I love the men's department at Dillards

~*I love coloring books*~

I have a secret love for horoscopes and fortune cookies

~*I'm moody*~

If it comes true, its not a dream

~*I love music, the color pink, and tattoos*~

I <3 Bagels

~*Oil painting is my escape*~

I have three random-ass tattoos that don't have any special significance --but i love them so shhh

~*I collect lyrics. Put me in any situation and I have a lyric to describe it*~

I hate my complexion, therefore I am addicted to tanning

~*Writing is my passion and sometimes its the only way I know how to communicate my feelings*~

I love playing sports, but i suck at all of them

~*Better Than Ezra = Love*~

I like my blue eyes. I hate my body shape

~*I Love Monique. She is my Squirm*~

Sometimes I feel like I'm at a dead end and my life is going nowhere. I'm afraid of the future.

~*Cold weather makes me smile*~

I LIVE for those long, deep conversations that go into the next morning about everything and nothing at all

~*I fall in love too easily and my heart is easily broken*~

Sundays were made for sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing while laying around in your pajamas all day

~*I get addicted and attatched to things and people very easily*~

I worry too much about every little thing. And 90% of the time, it was for nothing

~*Ice skating, and swinging in the park are two of my favorite activities*~

Taco Bell is good at any time of the day -- especially when you're drunk @4AM...or hungover the next morning

~*I don't believe in religion...but I believe in God*~

I live off of Ramen noodles and boxed macaroni and cheese

~*I hate liars, cheaters, and ass holes*~

Sarcasm is my defense mechanism

~*I love washing clothes, but I hate washing dishes*~

Red Bull is only good when mixed with jager

~*I am addicted to dyeing my hair*~

The perfect pair of jeans is like the perfect boyfriend

~*I love going out and having a good time with my friends*~

Girly sleepovers are the best

~*I love "chilaxing" at home and cuddling up with someone to watch a movie*~

I hate shaving my legs

~*I believe that everyone will get what's coming to them, but its hard for me forget when people hurt me*~

I'm stubborn and i have a hard time admitting when i'm wrong. i have a horrible temper and i hold grudges

~*I am extremely sensitive and insecure*~

I hate driving

~*Christmas is my favorite time of year*~

I am an ex-Catholic School girl

~*Buying school supplies make me happy*~

Chinese food is my weakness

~*I like watching old Disney movies and singing along*~

I have a guilty pleasure for WB shows

~*I don't have any regrets, because all my "mistakes" have made me who I am today*~

I feel like I don't fit in with my family

~*I regret certain things I've said and done to people but I'm too proud to say I'm Sorry*~

I miss playing Mario on Nintendo

~*I love hot baths and sleeping when its raining outside*~

I hate watching MTV CRIBS because it makes me jealous

~*I hate to dance. But sometimes, if you're lucky, I will anyway*~

I'm so far from domestic its not even funny

~*I love taking pictures but I hate to be in them*~

I love NEW ORLEANS, but I HATE seafood

~*Sometimes when I'm bored, I take long drives in my car and listen to my radio*~

I can't stop cracking my fingers or biting my nails

~*I love my Nanny, babies, Nick, and big thick winter coats*~

I love garlic stuffed olives like a fat kid loves cake</font>

~*I miss high school*~

Ashlee Simpson ROCKS my socks

~*I give everyone a chance. And almost everyone a second chance*~

I have a really hard time making important decisions and I change my mind a lot

~*I like techno music*~

Eyeliner is my best friend

~*When I love, I love with all my heart*~

I am a text message whore

~*I surround myself with picture frames*~

I hate my last name and Louis Vuitton bags

~*I want to be Oprah when I grow up*~

I'm embarrassed by the fact that I have a problem keeping a job. I just get bored so easily...

~*I love hugging someone after I've been missing them*~


~*My motto is you only live once, so have fun while you can*~