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sad story

I've finished my article -- edits appreciated. I've never done anything like this before, so if one of you reading this has ideas to make it better please let me know. I want it to be good to honor his life. Thanks...

Maxime Profit, 23, of Vaires Sur Marne, France always lived to the fullest, according to his friends, and his life was tragically ended in the hit-and-run incident Friday, March 6 that shook the whole community of Hammond and Southeastern.

Maxime, or Max as he was called by his close friends, was a French foreign exchange student who came to Southeastern in August of last year to finish his degree which he started at the University of Paris 12. He was scheduled to graduate in May with a Masters Degree in Business.

“He came to the United States to study, but also to visit the country and learn more about the culture,” said Sabrina Blin, also in the Southeastern foreign exchange program. According to Blin, Max loved to travel. Since August he traveled to Florida and Las Vegas and was planning a trip to New York in May after he graduated.

“His first travel abroad was last year and since then he had decided to travel the world,” said Blin.

All of Max’s friends knew he was always ready for a new experience and he didn’t like to waste time being idle. Blin knew him as an active person and she described him as being the guy everyone called when they wanted to do something because he was always ready. He was the life of the party and there was never a dull moment when he was around.

“He was the driving force behind our group of friends,” said Blin.

Max spent his spare time going out dancing with friends and playing sports. He was friends with some of the Southeastern men’s tennis team and could often be found at the tennis matches supporting them.

Besides finding new things to do with his friends, Max was a great student who spent a lot of time studying even though he struggled with English as his second language. On the morning before the incident, Max was extremely excited to find out he did well on two of the tests he had been studying for.

“We had 2 tests that day,” said Vedad Cinara, a Southeastern graduate student and close friend of Max. “After Managerial Statistics class we checked our Audit grade and Max was very happy with his grade. He deserved it since he studied so much. We had a cigarette that night and I told him I would see him later. I will never forget that happy face.”
Max’s positive attitude towards life and willingness to help his friends however he could will be missed by all those who knew him. He had a good heart and was liked by everyone who met him.

“I never heard someone talking bad about him,” said Iva Velkovska, senior Marketing student. “He was always considered one of the coolest people we’ve ever known. I will really miss his smile and his positive attitude that he had every day of his life. He was always saying if we ever ended up in France to call him and he would take care of us,”

In France, Max was survived by his mother, father, sister and neice.

“He was proud of them and they are really proud of him because he was a bright student,” said Blin. “In his bedroom he has pictures of his niece everywhere and he was always buying gifts for her. He always smiled when he held her in his arms. I will miss his happiness towards life, his support, his smile and his company.”