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journalistic lesson

This Friday was a very sad day at my school. Three students were killed and two were injured by a drunk driver. The 5 people involved were walking home from a night club at 2am when the bars were closed and were mowed down by a drunk driver. I was asked to do a feature story on one of those who were killed.

I've never had to do a story like this before. I was asked by a close professor to write the story and I wanted to decline; the subject matter is so hard but I figured as a journalist I'm sure I will have to learn how to deal with things like this. As I speak to all of his friends I am learning that it is so much harder than I ever could have imagined. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm finding it hard to not become emotionally involved. As all of his friends are informing me about him and his positive attitude toward life I can't help but realize that it could have been any of my good friends in the same situation. Hell, it could have been me...

While I am finding it hard to get through the task of writing this story, I'm glad that I am getting the chance to honor his life through words and hopefully his death will not be in vain. This is a huge project and I hope I can do it justice. I'm trying not to shut down emotionally because the more I learn about him the more I feel like it truly was one of my friends....

I just have to keep on truckin' and hope that maybe by honoring his life I can possibly put the seed in others' heads not to drink and drive...not to be careless...ANYTHING so that this may be prevented from happening again

More later as my progress continues...