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newest painting

This is my newest painting that I'm super super proud of! Its one of my first real originals and Its kind of mixed media. I used oil paints for the base, implementing silver and gold leaf in some places. For the glittery parts I used 3D glitter fabric paints. And the ribbon around the masks is real ribbon glued to the canvas.





I would like to commission you to paint three different paintings for me: The same three masks, or 3 originals?!?!?! (Maybe one with your Fleur de Lis tattoo) on three separate canvases.
I hope that I will get a "Nanny" discount since you have become so great!!!
Gosh, Jess, if you painted these and placed them in a gallery in the Quarter...they would sell faster than hot beignets on a cold winter day.
Have you considered painting these separately and selling them on ETSY?
Your work is FABULOUS! Don't ever doubt your talent!!!


Love it. Can't wait to own a "Jessica" original